Important note for reviewers. Traditionally, venues in TCS have not anonymized author identities. An often-stated reason for not anonymizing is that author identities provide some useful information (e.g., gaining confidence in whacky ideas or complex proofs, checking if a related unpublished work is by the authors, or finding conflict of interest). In ITCS 2023, we aim to understand this as well as try to find a sweet spot between anonymization and non-anonymization of authors.
  • First review the paper without seeing author identities and submit it.
  • Please also refrain from searching for this paper online.
  • Once you submit, you can see the author identities and revise if you like.
  • Only the final review will be seen by the authors and the committee.
  • The initial review will be seen by the chair (from the log), and aggregate inferences will be released as a report.
We will subsequently send out a survey to know your opinions on this topic. Thank you!
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